Push Notification Source Integration

A PUSH_NOTIF (Push Notification) source represents a mechanism for sending Apple Push Notification (for Apple iOS) and Android Push Notification (for Android) messages to mobile apps. Apple push notifications use Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) whereas Android push notifications use Google’s Firebase.

Define a PUSH_NOTIF Source

A PUSH_NOTIF source is created from in Modelo by using the Add button to select Source… when in Modelo Development Mode. Use the New Source button to create a new source:

Create MySource

A PUSH_NOTIF source contains the following properties:

% openssl base64 -in cert.p12 -out outfile

Sending Push Notifications

Once a PUSH_NOTIF source is running, use the Vantiq built-in Notification.sendPayload procedure to send push notification messages. Please see the Vantiq Mobile App User’s Guide for more details about how notifications are sent and interpreted by the Vantiq mobile apps.