MQTT Source Integration

MQTT is commonly used as a means of exchanging streaming data. Vantiq includes direct support for reading MQTT data streams. The essence of the integration is as follows:

MQTT Source Representation

A source resource defines the integration with a specific MQTT stream and contains the following properties:

Create an MQTT Source

The following example illustrates how to create an MQTT source using the REST API. MQTT sources can also be defined using the Developer Portal.

    "name": "myMqttSource",
    "type": "MQTT",
    "direction": "BOTH",
    "config": {
        "serverURI": "tcp://",
        "topics": [""],
        "keepAliveInterval": 30,
        "connectionTimeout": 30,
        "cleanSession": true,

Delete an MQTT Source

The example MQTT source named myMqttSource can be deleted using the REST API by issuing the following request:


Publish Notifications via MQTT

Notifications are produced by the rules system when PUBLISH is called as a rule action. The PUBLISH request for MQTT sources takes three parameters: the message object to send and the source and topic to which the publish is sent. For example:

PUBLISH { message: { data: "somedata" }} TO SOURCE someMQTTSource 
  USING { topic: "the.mqtt.topic" }