AMQP Source Integration

AMQP is commonly used as a means of passing messages between applications or organizations. Vantiq includes direct support for reading AMQP data streams. The essence of the integration is as follows:

AMQP Source Representation

An AMQP source defines the integration with a specific AMQP data stream and contains the following properties:

Create an AMQP Source

The following example illustrates how to create an AMQP source using the REST API. AMQP sources can also be defined using the Developer Portal.

    "name": "myAmqpSource",
    "type": "AMQP",
    "direction": "BOTH",
    "config": {
        "serverURIs"     : [ "amqp://localhost:5672" ],
        "topics"         : [ "" ],
        "username"       : "guest",
        "password"       : "guest",
        "pollingInterval": 100

Delete an AMQP Source

The example AMQP source named myAmqpSource can be deleted using the REST API by issuing the following request: